By J. Smith / Christian Gorecki

If you’re feeling uptight
It’s time you felt alright.
If you’re feeling uptight
The time is now to feel alright!
Get on the dance floor
and just move from side to side
Keep it simple
Come on don’t be shy.

Don’t be evil. Don’t be mad.
Don’t sit around making other people sad.
Move a muscle, twitch, do something.
It makes a healthy glow to get that heart pumping!

Get on up, come on get on up
Rock to the beat and party with us.
Don’t be a playa hater,
Shake your money maker
and if you don’t you know that’s just

Allow me please to break it down to ya
I know you’d agree with me with what I’m gonna say to ya.
Some of us like to drink or smoke our problems away.
Take a trip in the mind or a plane for a holiday.
Get your lover, significant other
Get lost between the sheets, sweaty undercover.
Bump and grind all night long,
Bump and grind until the break of dawn.

See me, see me
I’m free to be funky
with these phat beats that we
rock steady til suddenly the end in deed
will soon take lead.
So take a cue, here’s what you do
before the chance is out of view
grab your balls, your guts, your heart
get on the floor and get on up

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