By J. Smith / K. Möckelmann

The day turns into night
The moon is shining bright
I’m feeling kind of high.
It’s a natural vibe
My soul feels light and stress has taken flight.

It’s been a long time coming
These cosmic happenings

I finally get to chill,
be still
The day was kind of long,
Lord, overkill
I must take time to restore my source
Listen to my inner voice, make a choice

I’m ready to receive what I’ve been missing
And it’s for some cosmic happenings

You know the kind of feelings and things
that cannot be explained
between two or three human beings,
maybe more, maybe more.
When the chemistry is just right
and the groove is locked in so tight
Synchronicity is cosmic happenings

Many times I’m misunderstood.
My intentions are always good.
We don’t have to take it to extremes
to comprehend what I mean.
A simple look or a touch can send so much energy
It’s the little things
that’s cosmic happenings!

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