By Joe Quandt / Klaus Möckelmann

Seven nights I lay in a cold sweat
I feel you suck the marrow from my bones.
You slip in here quiet as a razor
proceed to cut me up until the dawn.
Now you’re wond’ring in my head.
I thought that you was dead under stone.

Leave me alone
Oh leave me alone

I stood outside in the cold crying
the night I burned our playhouse down.
She burned it down, she burned it down, she burned it down.
Down down down down oooh
I swear I never touched your things
I never brought no other lover ‘round
still you always ate with doubt
and the devil lets you out every night


I took a ride on down to Memphis
I should have known you’d follow me down
He went down, he went down, he went down,
down down down down oooh

The people there said they’d never seen it snow in August
I should have told them something bad has come to town.
Now I’m grieved out with the cold
and I’ve got no other place to go
hear me moan.


I just can’t stand to see your face
Baby, baby
baby please, please don’t do this to me.
oh no, no no no no no
I have no place left to go. No no, yea
Leave me, just go on and leave me, leave me alone!

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