By Joe Quandt / Klaus Möckelmann

Danny and Lisa quit school and moved over her grandma’s garage.
The old lady told them she would cover the first month
and they could use her cellar to hang up the wash.
So they bought some cool dishes and glasses and stuff,
then Lisa gets busted for stealing three forks down at the
Salvation A. Uncle Paulie shows up, pays the fine,
and takes them home and says, ‘What’s the matter with you kids today’

Ain’t that like life. luck is just a drifter. Love is gonna sit down and stay
Ain’t that like life. You know, luck don’t mind walking.
Love was last seen driving away.

Lisa made the bed. lit candles, thought to herself she said, ‘man, he must
be mad at me’.
Danny says, ‘Lisa babe, you’re the greatest. Are you tired? Shouldn’t
we just sleep?’

Ain’t that like life. Lucks just a drifter. Lucks gonna sit down and stay.
Ain’t that like life. You know, love don’t mind walking
Luck was last seen driving away.

I got a friend. He’s been married three times and he say,
‘man, I just ain’t been lucky that’s all’
Somebody wrote, ‘Where were you cause I waited and I waited and I waited
and I waited’
They wrote it down on the Trust Co. Bank wall.

Danny and Lisa, got married in August.
She was in white and he nearly cried all day.
Somebody got something for nothing.
Somebody got lucky today. Watch come out of a church on a Sunday.
Everybody piled in Paulie’s Chevrolet.
A tank full of gas and a car full of love, they’re probably gonna be okay.
Ain’t that like life anyway.

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