Mia Guttormsson

Originally from Västerås in Schweden, Mia is a multitalented and creative musician. Mia interprets the songs with a warm soul voice and clear expression, in a typically Scandinavian way. She started out in piano bars and hotels in Stockholm and Västerås at the age of 14 and her songs are still being played on Swedish radio today. Although winning several alpine ski competitions in her youth, luckily, she decided to invest all her energy into music. She has a rare skill, expressing so much energy in her love for life.

Klaus Möckelmann

The band leader, Klaus Möckelmann, is well known for his versatility and creativity. His Hammond 3 organ will be transported up or down the steepest stair of any Jazz venue, to ensure the most authentic sound, as he will not accept digital imitation. You hear the difference immediately as the organ gives out its unique sound. Sometimes even ten fast fingers may not be enough for his dynamic playing style – so Klaus will use his nose will as his secret ingredient.

Christian Gorecki

Another foundation of the Voodoo Sound is Christian’s powerfully played Fenderbass. Whether it is cracking funk, rolling shuffle or an emotional ballad, he is the reliable anchor of the band. His lively and demanding style inspires the band to deliver its best sounds. Christian’s compositional ingenuity has also given many songs their additional ‘spice’. His heavily thumbed solos, which start with a melodic gentle idea and then grow into a bass ‘thunderstorm’ are a highlight of every Voodoo Child concert.

Mark Wetjen

Mark is Voodoo Child’s ‘Powerhouse‘ . The versatile drummer feels at home in all musical styles bringing impeccable timing and gripping gooves. His passion for original arrangements and for a powerful, dynamic style drives the tight knit and mature band.

Mark is a founder member and is well established as live- and studio drummer. His other work includes, for example, playing for the ‘Tarzan’ musical production in Hamburg. Mark plays Agner Drumsticks and Yamaha Drums.