By J. Smith / Joe Quandt / Klaus Möckelmann

Greetings, brothers and sisters. Prepare for the good news.
Come on choir help me sing glory glory
Sing: Glory Glory (spoken: Hallelujah ) Hallelujah
Since I laid my burdens down.
Sing it again children: Glory Glory (Hallelujah) Hallelujah
Since I laid my burdens down.
Lay your burdens down and listen to the gospel of the blues

I have not come in here tonight to tell you about some wisdom I have
found in some good book.
I don’t care about your dirty habits so I don’t expect to see no
guilty looks, no.
I just want to spread the good news about the gospel. I’m talking
about the gospel of the blues.
Now just take a look around you. Everybody got a song to sing about
their own private hell. Yes, yes oh yea

Or that back door man you trusted with your heart lady.
The one who said: ‘Oh no I’ll never tell’
Or that man you work so hard for, he treats you like a slave.
You know you need to hear about the gospel of the blues.
Now I believe that Brother Klaus wants to testify.
You go on Brother Klaus. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah

Well, there’s righteous jubilation when the band cuts loose and blows
that juke joint down.
Or some sweet young thing says, ‘Satan get behind me!’
and that fool begins to drool just like a hound.
Or some king comes cross the airwaves.
You forget the miles and smile listening to the gospel of the blues.

Well, you know, that love is all around you
but you find yourself reluctant.
You believe that love must be in disguise.
But everyone has got good and bad times.
All that’s now in darkness will be revealed
if you just open up your eyes, yea.
And the Buddah, and Mohammed and J.C. got tired and homesick.
Well that just the gospel of the blues.
Well Amen, yea!

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